“Checker” brand – El Camino-style pickup planned in relaunch

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Now that Holden and Ford have been given their “last rites”, it seems that the US is suddenly interested in making “utes” or “coupe utilities” as they call them.

Chevrolet has given an indication that it may make an “El Camino” (whether it will be called that is a question for another day). I will post an article about the proposal for Chevrolet’s “El Camino “shortly. However, if the concept photos are any indications it will sell about as well as the Ford Taurus did here in Australia and they look ugly as F**k!

However, it is not only GM and Ford who are considering making utes (sorry, I refuse to call them “coupe utilities”.   Checker Motor Company (the one that used to make all of the cabs in New York)  announced plans last year to revive the American automotive brand and has released drawings of what it proposes for its first two models — an El Camino-style car-based pickup truck and a six-door airport limousine/group touring vehicle. I will focus on the “El Camino” style car-based pick-up truck (not another word for ute!)

The father of the General Manager of the Checker Motor Company, Steve Contarino, drove a Checker cab in the Boston area and Contarino became known within the Checker owners’ community for restoring the Checker Centurian, a 1967 Ghia-designed concept car. Contarino’s day job for some three decades has been modifying vehicles for the specialized demands of police and fire departments, emergency medical services and other municipal government agencies.

His original plan was simply to do Checker restorations and produce the parts needed for Checker owners to maintain their vehicles — until he discovered there actually may be a commercial market for modern Checker vehicles.

Unfortunately for us, and the world, this is the concept Contarino drawing has released.

Checker Ël Camino"

Can anybody say, “Holden FC Ute”?

FC ute fc_ute

I guess the only requirement to be a US car “designer” these days is the ability to use the Internet and not acknowledge the existence of any other country other than the US.

Cynical. Moi?

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