“Just Cars” Magazine (edition 14-06) 16 January 2014

Just Cars Editorial Banner

Hi there. Michael Ashby here again.

You may have noticed that in the January edition of “Just Cars” magazine there was, what they call, an editorial banner on page 87 for TrueWest Imports. Although it gives us great exposure, due to limitations on size and wording, it doesn’t actually describe our services or what we actually do.

One of things you will have noticed, and which may have brought you here from the banner is that this is a WordPress blog and not our actual TrueWest Imports website. That is because I am having some changes made to our website before we go live, to ensure that it gives visitors and potential clients the best experience and the best information currently available regarding our services that we offer.

To recap what I have said before in an earlier post is that we offer a one-stop-shop for those people wanting to import a vehicle into Australia but specifically into Fremantle, Western Australia.

For those of you who are readers of “Just Cars”, you may have noticed that in the last few issues many of the other importers or service providers have started to indicate that they will “now” ship into Fremantle. It appears as if they have suddenly realised that Western Australia does exist and that there is a market of very keen US Muscle Car, Classic Car, Vintage Car and other US vehicle enthusiasts here in Western Australia.

Previously, it was not profitable or too hard for them to arrange the shipping to deliver the vehicle to Fremantle and so myself, as did others, had to have their imported car delivered to a port in another State and then pay up to Au$3,000 to have our vehicle transported to Western Australia. Often times, the vehicle had arrived in perfect condition from the US but damage occurred to the vehicle during the transportation process. Therefore, we Western Australians were, in fact, being treated as second class citizens by the other importers.

After my experience, I vowed that this would never happen to me again. So we (myself and business partner in the US) started arranging the import of vehicles for clients and importing vehicles for sale directly into Fremantle. We have now been doing this for a number of years and can guarantee that the vehicle will arrive in the exact same condition it was in when purchased and that there will be no problems with any of the export or import paperwork.

As you will see from the editorial banner, myself and my business partner have almost 30 years combined experience in exporting vehicles from the US and importing vehicles into Australia.

I will post another blog, shortly, in which I explain (and use an example of a vehicle we sourced) how exactly our process works and why it is that we can provide such excellent service to our clients.

Until then, please take some time to look at some of our inventory, or send me an email letting me know what I can do for you.


email: truewestimports@gmail.com
Mob: 0421 880 604
From NZ: +61 421 880 604 No texts or private numbers please
Fax: 08 9355 4465

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TrueWest Imports is a Proud Member of both GoodGuys Rod and Custom Association and SEMA.(Specialty Equipment Market Association)

1 thought on ““Just Cars” Magazine (edition 14-06) 16 January 2014

  1. Above Magazine includes great information on car buying and selling and adverts which are totally relevant to car import services. This company looks like one of the better ones.

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