Example information regarding “As Landed” costs of Importing a Vehicle from the US

This an example of the costs associated with importing a vehicle from the US into Australia.

The prices shown and associated costs are simply examples and DO NOT reflect the actual costs that will be current at the time of importation of your vehicle.

For the purposes of this post I will be using an example of a 1948 GMC pickup.

Photo of 48 GMC Pickup 2nd Photo of 1948 GMC Pickup

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“Just Cars” Magazine (edition 14-06) 16 January 2014

Just Cars Editorial Banner

Hi there. Michael Ashby here again.

You may have noticed that in the January edition of “Just Cars” magazine there was, what they call, an editorial banner on page 87 for TrueWest Imports. Although it gives us great exposure, due to limitations on size and wording, it doesn’t actually describe our services or what we actually do.

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