The Pricing

As I referred to in my previous post, TrueWest Imports offers a “one-stop-shop” importing service to get your dream car from the US to Australia .

We recommend always obtaining a pre-purchase inspection of any vehicle you may be interested in, even if it is from our extensive inventory.  A couple of inspectors (who are NOT affiliated with us) that we highly recommend are:

Finally, a better way to buy a classic

Finally, a better way to buy a classic.

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Automobile Inspections LLC – When you need the job done right

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What we can do for you

TrueWest logoHaving imported vehicles into Australia in the past and had difficulties with trying to have the vehicle landed into Fremantle, we decided to set up business so that Western Australians, in particular, but Australians in general, can have their dream vehicle exported from the US and shipped to the port of their choice in Australia for a “one amount covers all” price.

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